Exploring Amman

Amman, Jordan – February 2015

Amman contains a secret entrance to the Citadel, the triforce, a hobbit hole, and, of course, graffiti

Through some combination of idiocy and chivalry, I decided to explore downtown Amman at night with a newfound Chinese friend. Although I’ve yet to be robbed, I figure that the inevitable is overdue and I refuse to worry about it anymore.

We first went towards the Roman Theater and took a sharp left up a staircase that promised an art gallery.

It was late at night and the gallery was closed. We next headed towards the Citadel, which we soon found out had closed earlier in the afternoon. So instead we headed up the hill, following a trail of graffiti until reaching a panorama of the city.


imageimageWe then went to Rainbow Street, Amman’s nightlife center. No music. No dancing. Just restaurants. No detectable LGBT culture either, despite the name. We wandered a bit more, then went back after seeing this sticker in a store window referencing Charlie Hebdo.


I went out a couple days later to explore the neighborhoods up the hill from where I was staying.

A+ Construction
A+ Construction

I ended up wandering up the side of the hill and into the Citadel, where I waved at the security guards who watched me enter through a gap in the barrier.

IMG_0055They smiled and I enjoyed the site. 


The sites were amazing, but the view of the surrounding city was even better.


The Roman Theater
The Roman Theater
If you recognize this, we can be friends
If you recognize this, we can be friends

There was even a hobbit hole!

imageLook closer….

imageAnd finally, this guy who would show up and preach the merits of Islam to guests until management promised him a free room in a rival hotel.


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