Starting a new chapter in Chile

Santiago, Chile – April 2015

I’m on my way to a job interview. A real job. The kind where you’re paid in local currency instead of breakfast leftovers. The kind where you don’t pretend to be a tourist when the police show up.

Forgive the hyperbole, but potentially having a legitimate job and a steady place to stay feels like I may be turning the final corner of this dodecahedron voyage that’s had me working in seven countries and visiting countless others over the past year.

I spent some time this morning preparing my dress shoes by adding black laces, hung a shirt over the shower rod hoping the steam would remove the wrinkles, and am feeling more confident than I probably should.

Here’s to hoping I understand both their Spanish & when to keep my mouth shut. Good luck?


My dress shoes. Also, my hiking, running, exploring, dancing, and any other time that sandals won’t work shoes

Staying here indefinitely wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world

Chapter One: Working my way through South America, 2014.

Chapter Two: Working and exploring the Middle East, 2015.

Chapter Three: Living in Santiago???


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