The World’s 10 Best Street Art Displays

I’ve been to roughly 10 percent of the world’s countries, so I’m qualified to definitively declare the world’s best tags.

Here they are.

First come the honorable mentions:

And now, the finalists.

10: Lisboa, Portugal

Wonderfully menacing
Wonderfully menacing

9: Santiago, Chile


8. Tucson, USA

Too cool
Too cool

7: Bethlehem, Palestine

I want to punch whoever tagged over this piece.
I want to punch whoever tagged over this piece.

6: Santiago, Chile

Eat your heart out dad!

5. Beirut, Lebanon

Nobody knows what it means, but it's provocative!
I can’t read a word of it.

4: Salvador, Brasil

“The man blames God and doesn’t look at himself!”

3. Sucre, Bolivia

Fantastic detail on his face, and the natural color of the wall is a perfect fit.

2: Istanbul, Turkey

Ambrosian perfection

1: Bethlehem, Palestine

Equal parts majestic and frightening, and a mere 30 feet tall.

FWIW, Istanbul wins best city, hands down. Honorable mentions go to Bethlehem/Beit Jalal, Palestine and Santiago, Chile.

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One comment

  1. Great assembly!! I wanted to visit every piece of street art in London — but nearly impossible within a full day, haha. This will do in the meantime.


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