Weird Wednesday: Saved by a Skeleton and a Zombie

I usually stick exclusively to my own stories, but this one from my friend is too good not to share. I should mention that my friend leads a San Francisco superhero-esque charity group and that I met her at a gathering of likeminded Real Life SuperHeroes. 

Bay Area, California –  August 2014

On Saturday night my son, “Z” and his band played at a local spot in our hometown and after the gig, headed over to Club XO in Jack London Square to host another gig/birthday party. At XO, Z and my adopted son,
“J” both got some Zombie-ish makeup applied by the artists who were painting faces for everyone else at the party. Z was a skeleton and J had gashes and cuts all over his face.

After the gig, J and Z were driving from Oakland to Emeryville to take home a couple of friends. J thought he was taking a shortcut and ended up heading toward the Bay Bridge. Oh well, now they’ve got to go to SF or Treasure Island to turn around.

As they approach the Treasure Island exit, they see that traffic is stopped, so they slow down. Just as they stop, they see a car speeding up from behind them. The car passes them, hits two other cars and flips completely over.

Z and J get out to help, and see that the man is lying on the ground under the car, but with enough room to maneuver out. They take off their coats to help him slide out without cutting himself on the glass. He’s okay but shaken up. Everyone calls 911 and more people come over to help. Two people come up to Z to make sure that his friend (pointing at J) is okay. Z says, “No, we’re okay — we’re just making sure that guy (pointing to the accident victim) that guy is okay.”

The guy gets helped and Z and J get back into the car and take a deep breath. Then Z looks at J and says, “Holy sh#*, dude. You’re a freakin’ zombie.” J looks at Z and says, “Dude. You’re a freakin’ skeleton.”
They laugh and wonder if the poor guy thought he was dead when he saw them.


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