Guerilla aid

An amazing piece about the unofficial aid community on Lesvos island, written by a friend of mine.
She explains the emotions and frustrations involved better than I ever could.

Onderweg - On the go

(scroll down for dutch)



We are in Moria. Hundreds of people are standing in line. We have our bags full of sandwiches. We are not sure if we can hand them out without being stormed. We just start somewhere. People in the mud without water and food. They are waiting for two, three days. We hand out sandwiches and nobody grabs, nobody storms. They make space for us to pass. They point out those that didn’t get anything yet. Someone refuses a sandwich, ‘Thank you, I am full’.

When three years ago a refugee family was sitting on the street in winter, a group called ‘The village of all together’ brought them to Pikpa. It used to be a summercamp for children, close to Mytilini. Right now only the most vulnerable refugees that cannot travel further stay here. The ones that have cancer, diabetes, down syndrom. Those that have lost…

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