Book Preview: The Worst Part About Traveling

Hi readers, I’ve recently started writing a book about my travels. It will focus on the people I’ve met, the misadventures I’ve stumbled into, and what I’ve learned about the world & myself.

Attached is a sample from the book. If you give it a read and leave feedback, good or bad, I’ll be forever in your debt.

The Worst Part About Traveling

I’ve seen long lists of what people dislike about traveling. Missing family, hot showers, favorite foods, and being unable to explain their travels to people when they return home are often mentioned. For me it’s a bit different. In the 10 years before my current trip, I lived in seven different cities and had nine unique circles of friends. I suppose that’s made extended travel much easier. I don’t really miss the US and don’t have anywhere I consider home.


The best part of travelling is meeting so many incredible people. The worst part is undoubtedly knowing that you’ll never see them again. I’m sure that the future holds reunions with a couple of my hundreds of new friends, but it’s very tough to accept that the amazing people you are meeting will never be part of your life again.


With facebook, whatsapp, skype, etc. it is easier than ever to stay connected with old friends. This has been a huge blessing for me and makes the thousands of miles between much easier to deal with. This instant connection can also be a curse, as it details exactly how long it has been since I’ve talked to someone. Sometimes I look back through my messages to people I bonded strongly with and realize it’s been two months since we’ve talked. It’s like a punch in the gut to realize that you almost forgot about someone you once considered a close friend. I wonder if that makes the connection we had any less meaningful… I’m certain that we would still be close if we lived closer together, right? Or am I just rationalizing things? Does it make me shallow to go through friends that fast? I feel horrible for forgetting to reply to emails and not staying in touch with people, but at the same time I can’t spend my weekends staring into my phone while messaging eight people.


At least when I burned bridges there was closure.





  1. I love it. Of course I love everything you write. But I’d like it even if I weren’t contractually obligated to be your biggest fan.


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