Book Preview: Where Am I?


This is a free preview of my upcoming book, Where Am I?
Where Am I will be a collection of short stories from my time spent traveling the world, with an emphasis on misadventures and lessons learned.
The book will be released next year as the adventures I’m writing about are still ongoing.


Where Am I?


I wake up to a stranger with a stethoscope crouching over me. He is surprised to see me awake. Where am I?

I look around to piece together what was happening. I see bouncing walls, a concerned stranger, and a tube sticking out of my arm. An ambulance. I’m in an ambulance.

But where am I? This is also what the paramedic wants to know.

“What state do you live in?” he asks. I don’t remember.

“What’s your address?” This question confuses me even more. He approaches the question in different ways but none bring me closer to an answer. He switches gears.

“Who’s the President?” he asks.

“It’s… um… I don’t know. Let me think… My head hurts. Can I rest?”

“No, not now. You have to stay awake. Later you can rest. What year is it?”

I don’t know. I feel a lump in my pocket and remember my phone. Finally, a way to avoid his questions. He lets me call a friend. “Geralyn, why am I in an ambulance?… Yes… I just woke up… I’m alright but I have a headache and I’m confused… Can you meet me at the hospital?”

That was my first seizure. My life wouldn’t be the same again.


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