On the Precipice of Adventure

Three years ago today I graduated. The world was ahead of me, I was told, full of possibilities. The guest speaker at the graduation ceremony set lofty expectations and used excessive buzzwords, though we all understood what she really meant was that we were now qualified for a standard 9-5 job in routine but honorable careers and opportunities for promotion.

University of Arizona graduation
My father and I pose for a photo after the graduation ceremony.

The commencement speaker didn’t plan on her words being taken literally.

I had flights arranged to and from Brasil to watch the World Cup in June, which would give me two months to find a job between when I got back to the U.S. and when the school year started. Nah, I told myself as I canceled the return flight.

The world was now ahead of me, just as the guest speaker pretended to believe.

The more I thought about it the dumber this whole thing sounded. I didn’t speak Portuguese, I had no permission or qualifications to work abroad, and I had never traveled solo before.

Sink or swim, I whispered to myself as I caught a bus away from the comfortable hotel of the last two weeks and into God knows what.

I was on the precipice of something great though I was too naive to know it.

via Daily Prompt: Precipice

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