Travel or be healthy? Choose one.

I’ve had this headache since Monday. Usually they’re gone by now.

Adjusting my medication is nothing new to me. I’ve been on the road plenty of times when I’ve run low on the Lamotrigine I take for seizures. Sometimes I take all of the pills and hope to get refills quickly, while sometimes I take half doses or ween myself off of it. I’ve blacked out a few times while adjusting to the change but I’ve blacked out while on full dosage too so I do my best not to worry.

Right now I’m lowering my nightly dose but keeping my morning dose the same. This will let me travel for three extra months without a refill.

“Why do you do it?” people ask me. The same people ask me jealously how I’m able to travel for so long at a time.

That’s why I do it.


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