Photo Friday: Time for new shoes

It’s tough to say when we should replace beloved shoes, but a safe guideline is to change shoes when your pinky toes can hang out of your old ones.


I used New Balance Minimus 1690’s as my running, work, casual, and formal shoes for ten months and three continents, but eventually it was time to replace them.


Next up came a pair of Minimus 1010v2’s, which lasted fifteen months on five continents for running, hiking, working, and everything else. They were the best shoes I ever had, but couldn’t last forever.


Finally came my current shoes, Vazee Zante Fresh Foam.

If you’re traveling, I can’t suggest New Balance enough. There are better running shoes, better hiking shoes, and better casual shoes, but I haven’t found a shoe which can do all three better.

I go with New Balance because they all shoes in wide sizes and I have orthopedic inserts which never fit in other brands.

New Balance, feel free to send me free shoes in exchange for promotion. 🙂


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