New blog series starting tomorrow: A journal from prison.

Tomorrow I start a Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification course through CELTA, a TEFL with Cambridge-certified staff and curriculum. This will be good for the rest of my life and will let me have real, legal employment while I travel. From what I understand it’s a night and weekend course, so instead of writing during the course I’m going to post a fictional story I wrote last month about scamming Nigerian scammers. The story will told via a daily journal from an imprisoned prankster who got carried away.

After a month, I’ll be back posting travel pictures, advice, and disasters, including new stories from Portland, Manaus, Bogota, Fortaleza, Salvador, Seattle & Houston, new reflections on tattoos and street art, travel tips, a profile on a unique and inspiring encampment, a weekly journal from the CELTA course for curious travelers and potential students, plus more Adventures of Hobbes and pictures from around the world.

See you in September!

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