I’m off to work at refugee camps — Help needed

For those stumbling across my site, I volunteered at a refugee camp in 2015-2016 and wrote a series about it. I’m happy to say that I’ve found the time and money to go to Greece and volunteer again, but I’ll be starting over this time since the camp I volunteered at before is under much more regulation and I don’t have a EU passport or any kind of official documentation to volunteer.

**IF** you know anybody in Europe working with refugee resettlement or assistance camps (especially in Greece, but elsewhere receiving Afghan & Iranian refugees is fine), please get in touch with me at JasonPowersBooks@gmail.com.
Here’s my 10-second CV:

-Farsi linguist w/ experience as interpreter (plus Portuguese and basic Spanish)
-Previous work at refugee camps, international NGOs, and a mental health clinic working with the underprivileged
-Extensive work with small teams and in stressful situations
-CELTA-certified English teacher w/ MA in Education and two years professional teaching experience
-Good physical shape & willing to get my hands dirty

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