What’s your best humblebrag?

A message board I read recently asked this question: What’s your best humblebrag?

“I hate how many women flirt with me when I’m trying to work out,” said one person.

“What nobody tells you about owning a Ferrari is how expensive it is to insure,” said another.

I thought for a few minutes. What was something I could brag about while disguising it a a burden? I’m not particularly rich or successful and I’m certainly not the smartest person out there. Hell, some people I talk to think I’m lying just to keep up.

Then it hit me. That was it.

Few things feel better than hearing someone call me a liar when I tell a straightforward, unexaggerated story from my life.

From time to time someone will deadpan “Sure, that happened,” and other times I hear “bullshit” or mentira as people roll their eyes. I’ve stumbled through life in a way so weird that people don’t believe that someone like meĀ  possibly have those experiences. I thought about posting that on the message board, but it’s not a humblebrag. I’m bragging. My life is unbelievable.

Stay weird everyone.



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