Travel Tip: Leave the expensive electronics at home.

Similar to the lives I’ve touched, I also have the Midas Touch with electronics.
A collection of the electronics I’ve traveled with and their respective fates:

MacBook Pro: The display went out after 10 days in Brasil, the first country I visited during this adventure. I used an AC adapter, so maybe the humidity did the damage? While it still functions and you can see parts of the screen if you hold a bright flashlight two inches away, I can’t just connect it to an external monitor and the repairs would cost more than a new PC.

Purchased in 2011.

Stock photo
Stock photo

LG G2 cell phone: The screen went haywire in Ecuador, the second country of my trip. The top quarter of the screen is unresponsive to touch. From time to time the phone senses phantom touches across the top of the screen that exit out of all programs and make the phone completely unusable until it stops. Some features are completely unusable due to key buttons being in the dead parts of the screen.

Purchased in 2013.

Stock photo
Stock photo

Nikon L310 camera: Used through my first month in Brasil, then mailed back to the United States as I lightened my gear for the rest of the trip. Mysteriously disappeared in the mail and never made it back to the US.

Purchased in 2012.

Stock photo
Stock photo

IPod: Not sure what generation; old, with the circle wheel instead of touch screen. Had unexpected rain during a run in Brasil, tried to shelter it under my shirt to no avail. I put it in a bowl of rice for three days and it miraculously came alive, although it no longer holds much charge. Whether or not it is playing music, the battery begins draining immediately upon being unplugged. Battery lasts 30-45 minutes with music playing at medium volume. Does not “sleep,” and the play/pause button does not work. No big surprises here as it was on its 9th life already.

Purchased in… 2009?

Stock photo

Marathon watch: Went bad literally the first day I wore it. I don’t take it off for very personal reasons so I wore it in the shower. I kept my hand out of the water stream but it still got wet- 50 meters waterproof my balls. It is now permanently foggy and occasionally holds time, although I can not set the time or turn off the hourly beep. Luckily, I bought the cheapest watch that I could find as I’ll be indefinitely wearing a fogged watch now.

Purchased in 2015.


Samsung Galaxy tablet: Still working and awesome… for now. I’m currently using it as my computer, camera, and music player.

Purchased in 2015 after the bank let me cash expired checks from previous security deposits.

For almost two years, I took reasonable precautions (except the iPod) and everything  broke. First world problems, but still problems.

The iPod is completely my fault, but can I catch a break with the others?

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