When Dreams and Reality Don’t Connect

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For those who haven’t heard from me in a while, there are three main reasons:

  1. I’m up to my neck in work. I am now teaching English in Bogota, Colombia, giving classes for the Colombian Air Force, a few international companies, and a prestigious high school, all while doing placement tests and conversation practice for another handful of groups. I also teach online to save for future traveling. To say I’m “busy” is the understatement of the year. I work seven days a week.
  2. I got “recruited” by Medium.com and write for them around once a month. The articles that get picked up by their editorial staff stay there, while I’ll doublepost those which don’t get picked up here. My articles are about 50/50 on getting picked up right now.
  3. I’m starting the looooooooong process of writing a book about DIY charity, one focused on how to volunteer at refugee camps or schools in the developing world without being the dreaded white savior, as well as how to be a real-life superhero, all without funding or outside help. I’m fairly uniquely qualified to tell these stories, but also fairly out of free time.

With all that said, check out the latest post I wrote for them, When Dreams and Reality Don’t Intersect. It’s about the expectations of coming back to reality after a long time on the road, and how reality is just how we left it.

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I’ll try to get back to posting regularly! Until then, hasta luego amigos!

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