My second tattoo: Vamos explorar!

Calvin and Hobbes didn’t change my life. It’s just a comic after all.

But, I look at it often and find myself relating to a six-year-old boy and a stuffed tiger. Between cheap puns and jokes about avoiding baths, Bill Watterson hid surprisingly deep messages about life, death and everything in between.


Hell, he found a way to include in the Sunday comics a man being killed in his office by a deer with a rifle. Bill shared cerebral messages out of the mouths of babes.

C&H - deer got Frank

Of everything in Watterson’s comics, nothing hit me as hard as the last panel. It was perfect.

On the first day of the year, Calvin and Hobbes were given a blank slate to write their story on. It could be anything or nothing. It was up to them. They chose the uncertain; they chose to explore.


The older I live the more I see myself in this. At 28 I decided to travel. I worked my butt off and pinched pennies to fund my trip, then went exploring. First came Brasil. Brasil was slow, new, and terrifying. After Brasil came two more years of adventure, finding friends and disasters on every habitable continent and across 25 countries.

Then my health failed me and I ran out of money. I returned to the U.S. and found work, then went back to obsessively penny pinching and plotting my next adventure. After just a few months I knew where I should be next. I would go where it all started, where my thoughts always returned to: Brasil.

After three months in Brasil I decided to give myself a permanent reminder of the adventure and excitement of starting anew. Since both adventures started in Brasil, it only made sense to get it in Portuguese.


Vamos explorar!

Pai Inicio

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