FB_IMG_1468470391645-1Where Am I?

Where Am I?  is a memoir from a two-year solo trip around the world. It tells a story of exploring the world while battling PTSD, heartbreak, epilepsy, depression, financial problems, and the death of loved ones. The story includes previous experiences which shaped my life and now combine with travel experiences to help me discover who I am.

Where Am I? is a story of working at refugee camps, African slums, hostels, libraries, primary schools, and beachfront resorts across six continents. The story has an overriding theme of hope and resilience when facing the unknown.


Altruists Anonymous

coverAltruists Anonymous is a look inside the DIY charity community. It draws from personal experiences with the Real Life Superhero movement in the United States, working with unlicensed aid organizations at refugee camps, and unorthodox charity work done in Africa and South America. Altruists Anonymous highlights the stories of successful organizations which started with big ideas and little money, such as New York City’s Guardian Angels, Greece’s Lifting Hands International, and Oregon’s Right 2 Dream Too.

Altruists Anonymous offers ideas, laughs and hope to anybody who wants to save the world but doesn’t know where to start.

Release dates pending.  Author can be reached at for publishing inquiries.


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